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It is for all intents and purposes an upscale mini salon meant for individual beauty specialists and professionals to run their own business without the expense, risk, and overhead associated with a regular salon. So, professionals have the luxury of working when they need and sell whatever products they want while benefiting from all the profits generated.

It is meant for established professionals who already have a client base and have the desire to be their own boss. create their own schedule, set their own pricing, and sell the retail products they love. It is also a good option for a salon owner who wants to change because they don’t wish to deal with the everyday challenges associated with running a regular salon. It is also ideal for salon chair renters who want to take their business to the next level.

No. The Big Apple Salon & Spa Suites is home to a variety of  State licensed professionals and services such as estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, permanent make up artists, eyelash extensions, spray tanners, body contouring, etc.

The Big Apple Salon & Spa Suites are built as a turn-key Salon; one where you can sign a lease and move in same day if need be. We will work after hours and over night to ensure you have a Suite as quickly as possible and do whatever it takes knowing that certain situations require immediate move-in.

Sure you can choose to personalize the suite how you see fit with décor to accent your taste. However, any change will require prior written approval from Management. 

You get all the benefits of a regular business salon but minus the expense and risk. If you work for a commission, just this one step can double your income, and you can work the hours best suited to your lifestyle. So, you become your own boss and keep 100% of the profits.

Clients enjoy the best, most personalized experience. They don’t have to deal with anyone, but the stylist and everything is done in a private room. So, they get your undivided attention, and the experience is outstanding as a result. 

We offer 12-month lease agreements on all of our available suites with a FREE MONTHS RENT. We can also do shorter term lease of 6 months with a slightly increased rate.

The only spaces you will be sharing is the laundry room and the common areas like the restrooms and cafe lounge. 

You will need to meet the licensing requirements by the State of Florida Board of Cosmetology business license, and a Federal Tax ID. You also need to have a palm beach County Local Business Tax Receipt as well as a general and liability insurance. If required, we can assist you in making sure you have all the required documents.

Our Eurpoean styled Deluxe suites have Insulated walls and ceilings, Shampoo Station,  Mirror, Styling Chair, Storage cabinets, Hair Drying station, Laundry Facilities and lounge, The double suites have 2*styling stations to accommodate 2 operators, Both left as well as right-handed stations, Staff restroom, Individual Air Conditioning and thermostat in each suite, Hot and Cold Water, 2 x 2 LED Ceiling lighting, and also included Crystal Chandelier with dimmer switch.

Yes! We offer several double suites to comfortably fit more than one Salon & Spa professional. Please contact us for more information.

You can call us for more information

(561) 421-6000